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Neurodegeneration arising from aging, injury, or diseases has devastating health consequences. Unfortunately, we still lack effective treatments to cure it. In our lab, we aim to identify potential biomarkers, drug targets, and active drug compounds for neurodegeneration. To accomplish this goal, we established a photo-switchable assay system in both developing and mature neurons to study the mechanisms underlying dendrite regeneration and repair (Liu etal., 2022). In this system, we apply photo-switchable caspase-3 (caspase-Light–Oxygen–Voltage-sensing [caspase-LOV]) in fly peripheral sensory neurons, class IV dendrite arborization (c4da) neurons, to elicit neurodegeneration systematically (Liu et al., 2022; Smart et al., 2017). C4da neurons in the Drosophila peripheral nervous system are ideal for understanding dendrite development, degeneration, and repair. They not only have elaborated dendrite structures that can repair after laser severing but also have well-characterized electrophysiological and behavioral readouts for assessing functional recovery (Jan and Jan, 2010).

Currently, there are three main directions that we are pursuing:

1. What genes are involved in dendrite degeneration and regeneration?

2. How can we restore impaired neuronal functions?

3. How is aging affecting dendrite degeneration and repair?

In addition to the directions mentioned above, we have several side projects trying to understand how the environment modulates and challenges our nervous system. Come talk to us to learn more!


We are always looking for talented students from high school to graduate school level and postdocs. Please contact Dr. Liu if you want to learn more about our ongoing work!

For undergraduate students, NHRI offers research fellowships for qualified domestic and international students. Accommodations (on-campus housing) may be available. Anyone who is interested please find details from the link below or contact Dr. Liu.

Undergraduate Student Summer Research Program

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